We want to transform

this world


About the international holistic congress

Promote and create connection between people, activate planetary energy bringing together the most diverse speakers, therapists, conscious people and seekers with a transformative purpose, live the New Energy, expand everyone's consciousness so that we can flow and live a much happier Life, with truth, essence and fullness.

We have a purpose to create Experiences that will impact and help to make a Quantum Leap in your Life. We invite you to awaken your senses, to experience an immersion prepared with great care especially so that you develop all your divine potential, uniting Science and Spirituality. Meetings full of Love and Consciousness, where we can meet with people who believe in a lighter and more true world.

We can help you expand and have a much happier life. Come be this Transformation capable of creating the New Earth. Much more than events, we create CONNECTION.

expansion and

self knowledge


Our Purpose is to connect each of you to a new perspective of what it is to Live, we feel that there is a new path to be followed to reach Prosperity, Health, Joy, Love, Achievements, and there is a Portal that can provide much easier, joy and expansion to build what we call Happiness.


A Meeting where Experiences and Exchanges will impact your Life, because together we enhance the energy of elevation, in addition to the content, the Experiences, Yoga, Meditation, Therapies, music, art and dance will bring the connection with the other, and so we contribute each one with its differences, creating space to receive the new.


Teachings and content practiced in environments with mantras, music in a frequency of 432 Hertz, activations and induced meditations, provide an expansion of consciousness, also provide a new view on our Life and open new and infinite possibilities of Being, Feeling and Acting.


With experiences, dynamics, hugs, smiles and exchanges, we perceive an opening in our electromagnetic field, we lower barriers and limitations to learn, absolve and feel the different vibrational frequencies, and in a light and fun way we become aware of our feelings and emotions.