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March 12th and 13th, 2020
Friday and saturday
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“When I intuitively realized the name Bonito, as a destination since the first edition in Bonito, I received it naturally, since this connection was already established since my childhood. I hadn't been in Bonito physically, but there were long-term ties, already established. This is a Portal that brings lightness, joy and fun, it is an invitation for the inner child, fun, in the crystal clear waters, in the colors of the diversity of fauna, in the parks, in the fun and in the smiles of those who were born there, or the who adopted those Lands. The Guardians of the Earth. This is going to be a beautiful game, full of colors, multidiversity, cultures, musicians from the most remote places on Earth, promoting the perfect harmony and exchange, for this that will be an event of great contribution to Bonito, to the Earth and to the ALL . Simply magical and more impactful than ever. " Michele Fruet, Idealizer and Founder.

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